Pre-Employment Screening

Tenant Screening

Landlord Screening

Sex Offender Screening

Significant Other Screening

                     And MORE...

Diamondback Operations, LLC. offers comprehensive background checks based on our customers' needs.  Beware of those websites that provide instant background checks, they do nothing more than search through free public records or buy outdated information and resell it to you for profit.

Our Investigators will put in time and effort and collect information from local and multi-state level databases in addition to a variety of other sources unavailable to the general public.  If required, we will also conduct field interviews with past/present employers, neighbors, former spouses, etc... so that we can get you the most accurate and up to date information.  

•Criminal & Civil Records Search

•DMV Records Check

•Financial/Credit Check

•Professional License Check

•Government Watch Search

•Education Verification

•Sex Offender Registry Check

•Social Media Search

•Identity Verification

•Phone Number Search

•Prisoner Search

•Military Records Check

•Judgments & Tax Liens

Our background checks include but are not limited to: 

Whether you want peace of mind that your new roomate isn't a fugitive of justice, or your date that you met online isn't a serial killer, or your new babysitter isn't a sex offender, you have the right to know what lurks in that person's background.  Don't wait, call us TODAY!


Let us do the digging so you can do the hiring!  FAST, ACCURATE, and RELIABLE tailored services for your business needs.