Types of Civil Investigations:

A civil case or trial is a type of private dispute involving two individual citizens or organizations who disagree on an issue that relates to their rights as citizens/entities.  The complainant will bring forward a complaints that another person or entity failed to uphold their legal duty. The accusatory party will usually ask for completion of the duty and/or compensation for the harm done.

Criminal vs. Civil

A criminal case occurs when a person(s) has committed a criminal offense which is formally charged by the government on behalf of a victim.  Criminal cases are initially investigated by local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Common types of criminal cases involve fraud, sexual offenses, abductions, thefts, assaults, and homicides.

Workers' Compensation Investigations

• Child Custody/Neglect Investigations

• Marital Investigations

• Personal Injury Investigations

• Wrongful Death Investigations

• Defamation Investigations

• Traffic Accident Investigations

Although Private Eyes (investigators) seldomly get involved with criminal investigations, they have been known to take on and solve cold cases such as unsolved homicides, missing persons (suspicious circumstances), etc...

When police has exhausted all leads and resources, a private investigator can dedicate his/her time and unveil new evidence and assist law enforcement with those complex investigations.  Police often are dealing with an overload of cases and limited resources which can compromise an investigation.  Private investigators also are not bound by jurisdiction limitations, which can bring about challenges for local LE.  If you feel that an investigation merits the help of a PI, contact us today and we will analyze your case at no charge.