Legio Fit is a cross fitness program designed to allow your inner warrior spirit to escape and dominate your body and mind. Legio Fit utilizes the concept of "Psychology of Savagery" by conditioning and punishing the body with high intensity explosive full-body workouts.  This concept encourages us to believe that we are stronger, more resilient, and determined than we think we are, hence unlocking our full potential; embrace the suck, push beyond your limits, and unleash the beast that is hiding inside of you!  "Cognitive reappraisal" is also another tool we teach our students to overcome the desire to quit due to stress endured by the body.  Furthermore, we believe that a strong body builds a strong mind, which in turns helps us develop a "warrior" mindset that will help us live more productive and meaningful lives.  This concept carries over to our passion for hand-to-hand combat, because in order to be a proficient self-defense practitioner, one's body must be strong and his mind stronger.  The world we know today is a brutal place, and when faced with violence, we must respond with overwhelming violence, as Krav Maga suggests.    

Functional Movements

Humans are anatomically engineered to perform certain movements at high efficiency.  Remarkably enough, these movements are the ones we have used to survive since the beginning of mankind.  Lifting things from the ground, getting them to our chest, and then overhead, squatting, jumping, rowing, lunging are all “functional movements”.  These basic movements allowed man to survive the perils of nature and thrive.

These multi-joint, full body movements are called functional movements. They are the crux of our fitness program.  In addition to your "standard" CrossFit exercises, we incorporate our own as well as implement strikes and techniques varied from different martial arts and combat systems that will challenge body and mind.

Our CrossFit program is not married to any one concept or idea. We do what we currently validate as the optimal process to achieve fitness and mental toughness.  By focusing on staying unfocused on a single body part, you are able to hone all of your skills and become a better all around athlete; one who can be physically up to par with substantially more activities including martial arts and self-defense.