This course introduces civilians to the following areas of urban survival:

• Active Shooter
   Preparedness, Site Hardening, Mitigation
• Suspect Identification
• Threat Recognition
• Vehicle Profiling
• Mob Attack / Demonstrators surrounding vehicle 
• Road Rage
•  Counter Surveillance & Evading a tail
•  Situational Awareness
•  Home CQB/CQC
•  Abduction (home & Vehicle)
•  Child Abduction Attempt
•  Vehicle Defense
•  Traveling
Go Bag Set-up
•  Medical self-aid and buddy-aid
•  Firearms manipulation
Basic Self-Defense
•  Defeating Restraints

Recent national and worldwide events have taught us that the world we currently live in is nothing short of unstable and terrifying.  With mass shootings on the rise every year, violent public demonstrations flooding our streets, political wars, terrorism, growing militias, and your average day to day empowered criminals threatening are ways of life, it is imperative that we equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize, negotiate, and evade life threatening situations safely. 

Our Urban Survival & Situational Awareness Course will teach you basic fundamentals and tactics when confronted with a variety of threats which could arise at any moment.  As the guardians of our families and loved ones, we must maintain a certain level of awareness and in order to accomplish this, we must change our mindset.  

Changing our mindset isn't an easy task, we must train our brain to think differently.  Furthermore, we live in what we call a "360° world", we will teach you how to recognize potential threats and prevent harmful interactions.  You will also learn different ways of negotiating a threat depending on the gravity of the existing situation and how to evade such threat.